The Present Moment

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

The Present Moment

Enjoy the present moment, a motto that we repeat to ourselves more or less frequently when our thoughts turn and navigate between the past and the future, without ever managing to focus on the present moment. 

Why is it so difficult to concentrate on the here and now? 

There are of course physiological reasons for this. 

-> The fact that we use our past experiences to shape our inner world and its understanding

-> And the fact that as human beings, our instinct of self-preservation invites us to consider all possible dangers and risks that could threaten… our very present state. 

This ability of our brain to navigate between the past and the future is however a force that we use in hypnosis. 

Indeed, the body does not necessarily experience the present reality. If you have had traumas in the past, it is possible that these are anchored in your nervous system and still dictate your current behavior. 

As Einstein put it “the distinction between past, present and future retains only the value of an illusion, however tenacious it may be. “


The strength of hypnosis is that we can use this ambivalence of time to create in the present a reality experienced in the past or imagined in the future. 

–> The technique of regression allows, among other things, to heal an event belonging to the past 

–> Futurization allows us to bring our most cherished desires into our present reality.

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