Chinese Horoscope Sign by Sign

Like every New Moon or Black Moon, the healing energies are strong, even more so when this one carries the energies of Aquarius, a rebellious sign of the zodiac very militant for the liberation of the collective and coming to highlight our dualities between the need for self-preservation and the need to preserve the species.

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Chinese New Year ritual 

Every year in my family, the Lunar New Year takes up much more space than the 1st of January. This year the New Moon will take place on February 1st, one month after the Gregorian calendar also called solar calendar.

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A bit of history on the New Year

A bit of history on the New Year… If the passage of the seasons has always been the subject of rituals and celebrations in all human cultures, it was not until the Roman Empire that we had the first 355-day calendar based on the moon cycle

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