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« The closer you get to your genius, the more you’ll face the sabotage of your fears.

You’ll become scared of leaving the majority and having to deal with the by-products of mastery, like being different from most people, jealousy from competitors and the pressure to make your next project even better. 

As you rise toward virtuosity, you’ll become anxious about failure, threatened by a concern of not being good enough and insecure about blazing new paths. 

So, your amygdala—an almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the brain that detects fear—gets all fired up. 

And you begin to tear down the productivity you’ve built up. »

Sounds familiar ? When you get closer to your goal, to your healing, you may have subconscious mechanisms playing on to prevent you from growing.

This is because our bodies and minds are shaped to dislike change and reward stability over growth. 

Self-sabotaging may take different shapes and forms – abusing substances, procrastinating, rejecting people supporting your growth… When you catch yourself tearing down your progress, take a moment to acknowledge the fear of progression and forgive yourself. 


This will let the fear dissolve by itself instead of being nourished with anger and resentment, so you can go back on track more motivated than ever.

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