The birth of my son

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

When I found out I was pregnant, it was clear to me that I’ll prepare for a natural birth with hypnosis, as did my mother when she gave birth of me.

During my search for a hypnotherapist, I discovered that @lisebartoli was offering Hypnobirthing trainings. I trusted my intuition and decided to get fully trained to be able to self-hypnotize on the D-Day.

During the training it was clear that I was in my element. Hypnotizing others and getting hypnotized felt so natural and easy. The results were astonishing and so I kept on practicing self-hypnosis until the birth of my son.

The self-hypnosis helped me to deal with lots of stress I was experiencing at work, it helped to soothe the strong nauseas, to get a better sleep and to increase my energy level.

It built my confidence in my body and in my ability to manage pain to give a natural birth.

It gave me invaluable ressources to feel ready to be a mother and to always love my child unconditionally.

It allowed me to strengthen the bond I had with my baby by communicating to him more often and sending him love from my heart to his.

Ultimately, it allowed me to have the perfect birth experience from the beginning to the end.

I was afraid that my waters will broke in the middle of the street – it happened softly during my morning yoga session.

I was afraid of being tired – I surprisingly slept well the night before and the waters broke around noon – by 5pm the baby was here.

I was afraid of the breastfeeding – it all happened smoothly and naturally.

I was afraid of not getting my body back – hours after giving birth, I couldn’t believe how flat my belly already was.

Hypnosis has helped me in every single step of the process and today, I am deeply grateful to share this powerful natural tool with other mothers-to-be and with anyone that needs healing.

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