Stress management & Procrastination

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

Ever felt like you have no time at all and yet, you’re here scrolling down IG or FB looking for distraction ? 

No shame in that, what is finger pointed as “procrastination” is actually a strategy of the brain to take a break. 

When you’re awake, you spend most of your time in a conscious, analytical state. This is a time to gather information, act, react and interact.

You may have noticed however that several times a day, your thoughts are drifting away, you’re daydreaming during a meeting, you’re looking outside the window, you’re contemplating your fridge for way too long or you’re just caught up in scrolling mode without knowing what you’re looking for. 

This is actually a strategy of your brain to recharge. To switch on the unconscious, automated mode so that you can process all the information you have gathered. 

During this short breaks, your thoughts are finally quieting down to let the space of your brain to process the information and just “be” in the present moment.

And how does it feel ? Wonderful of course. Your body is highly rewarding that by sending you a shoot of endorphines, those happy hormones that are making you do more of those breaks… 

The more stressed you are, the most likely you are to procrastinate often during the day. 
And if you’re not allowing yourself to take these breaks, your body will likely to send you directly to burn out… (more of that in the coming posts) 

Conclusion ? If you need a break, take it and enjoy it. Progress is made in the slow moments as well as in the action. 

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