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Resilience in psychology describes an individual’s ability to cope with unforeseen events and to recreate his or her reality with the new data in play. 

It is a capacity that we all very much need to face the stress of everyday life and the dramas of life. 

Contrary to what one might think, this capacity for resilience does not depend on our past. 

Although we are all subject to suffering during a tragedy, the same event can be experienced in a radically different way by an individual, and this difference is explained by the ability to self-regulate. 

To let go of what we cannot control and to focus our energy on what we can do to move forward.

In itself, resilience is an innate human capacity that we have deeply rooted in our DNA. 

However, the influence of our environment and especially of our vision of ourselves can disconnect us from it. 

In my hypnosis sessions, no matter what the problem is, I always start by reactivating the deepest resources of my clients because this is the main key they need to free their bodies and feel empowered to achieve what they truly desire in their lives.

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