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The main part of our lives is led by our subconscious. Our reactions, our habits, our emotions… have very little to do with our rational brain. 

When we operate from an « unconscious » place, we put ourselves into automatic mode meaning we allow our past experiences to dictate our present and future reactions. 

If past experiences have been loaded with traumas and unprocessed wounds, operating from an unconscious place can be very painful and detrimental for ourselves and for the people around us.

This often translates into poor self-esteem, low standards, low motivation, high level of procrastination, tendency to blame external circumstances to avoid dealing with the harsh reality that YOU are 100% responsible for your life. 

✨ – How do you claim back your power ?  – ✨

➡️ By freeing yourself from any limiting past conditioning

➡️ By reconnecting to your true self and allowing yourself to dream BIG

➡️ By freeing your potential and becoming the best version of yourself 

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