Healing addictions with hypnosis

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

Healing addictions with hypnosis is very effective for the simple reason that addictions are learned. No one is born with an addiction to sugar, nicotine, alcohol or heroin.

Even though you may have been exposed to toxic substances very early in your life there were a time in your life when you were not addicted.

And this fact, as simple as it sounds is actually the key for the subconscious to reprogram your brain.

The subconscious is like a big hard drive that registers every single events of your life. Every sensation, every sound, every movement is stored somewhere deep in your brain.

Your subconscious also stores a copy of the last back-up before things started to get out of hand – typically when the substance you used for recreation is taking more and more control over your life.

During the hypnosis sessions you’re reclaiming your power. You’re taking back control over the substance. You reaccess the last back up where you were still free from any substance and you’re replaying it.

We then anchor those liberating feelings deep in your subconscious so your body has enough resistance to fight the biochemical addiction.

The results are outstanding for “light” substances. In most cases a single session can make you quit smoking or stop eating sugar effortlessly.

For deeper addictions, we usually work hand on hand with psychotherapists as the substance addiction is generally a side effect of a deeper theme to be healed.

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