The magic of Anchoring ⚓️

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, which means that the results are immediate from the first session, especially for questions of phobias, fears, anxiety, stress… where the nervous system is mainly in charge.

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The closer you get to your genius, the more you’ll face the sabotage of your fears.
You’ll become scared of leaving the majority and having to deal with the by-products of mastery, like being different from most people, jealousy from competitors and the pressure to make your next project even better.

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The Present Moment

Enjoy the present moment, a motto that we repeat to ourselves more or less frequently when our thoughts turn and navigate between the past and the future, without ever managing to focus on the present moment.
Why is it so difficult to concentrate on the here and now?

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The birth of my son

When I found out I was pregnant, it was clear to me that I’ll prepare for a natural birth with hypnosis, as did my mother when she gave birth of me.

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