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“When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter.

As you see him, you’ll see yourself. 

As you treat him, you’ll treat yourself.

As you think of him, you’ll think of yourself.

In him you’ll find yourself or you’ll lose yourself.”

Extract from A Course in Miracles

The world is constantly mirroring us our inner world. 

Is someone triggering you ? Making you feel jealous ? Envious ? Angry ? Depressed ? 

Get curious and investigate what deeper part of yourself is getting hurt ? Is it the dreamer inside you who you abandoned too often ? Your inner child craving for love and recognition ? 

As human beings, we all carry our wounds. We all are on our own healing journeys. 

Social medias/ imaginary lives in Netflix aren’t a reflection of someone’s real life, especially when good or bad times are exaggerated. 

As a therapist, I’m in the front row seat of seeing the deepest pain behind perfect social appearances. 

Acknowledging the pain in others, without trying to compare it or diminishing it but only honouring it as part of the healing path is deeply humbling. 

Each person we meet is a holy encounter. 

If we get triggered, it reflects something in us that isn’t fully healed. 

Remember that the next time you catch yourself comparing yourself to others and honour the inner wound that has been touched.

By doing that, you’re allowing subconscious negative patterns to resurface in the conscious, taking the first step to release them and free yourself. 

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