Some days are harder than others.

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose
Some days are harder than others.

And the energies of the New Moon in Scorpio (which arrives tomorrow, Thursday the 4th) are not completely unrelated.

Scorpio is the sign of darkness and depths, it makes the invisible visible, brings out wounds and transforms only when its cramped shell suffocates it and forces it to fight to free itself.

At present, the planet Mars expresses itself in its dark aspect, reinforcing the bellicose climate, the rage of the conqueror, and creates tensions, frustrations, anger where the warrior faces his powerlessness.

Impressive energies that affect us at different levels according to our own astrological chart, but few Scorpio natives such as myself will escape the strong energies of this Black Moon.

However, in the face of chaos, in the face of confrontation with human baseness and cruelty, the darkest and most violent part of man’s instinct to dominate, we are paradoxically more exposed to the light.

Without light, the shadow does not appear. And without shadow, we sometimes forget the existence of light.

When you are in darkness, the source of light is what will save you. A partner. A parent. A friend. A guide. A comforting message, a compassionate look, a shoulder, a support… but most of all your own source of light, the reconnection to your deepest self and your intuitive wisdom.

It is this source of light that we seek and explore in each hypnosis session, regardless of the theme and the request. Finding our inner light and strength is what makes us more resilient, more loving, more open to the World and more able to become the best version of ourselves.