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Like every New Moon or Black Moon, the healing energies are strong, even more so when this one carries the energies of Aquarius, a rebellious sign of the zodiac very militant for the liberation of the collective and coming to highlight our dualities between the need for self-preservation and the need to preserve the species.  

As promised here is the Post you have all been waiting for ! The year of the Tiger revealed sign by sign! Placed under the sign of Luck and Courage “Provoke your luck” seems to be the motto of this year that promises to be rich in adventure!

Whether the Tiger is your ally or your predator, I wish you all a great year filled with Love and great opportunities!

Rat 🐀 

Active, sociable and born under the sign of charm, Rat natives are generally popular. The Tiger brings the impetus for change, opportunities for travel and encourage the Rat to be adaptable and flexible to seize opportunities on the fly. 

Buffalo 🦬 

Grounded, hardworking, true to themselves and their values, the Buffalo likes to take their time in their decisions and is somewhat rushed by the impatience of the Tiger. By staying aligned with their trajectory and taking time to recharge in their home, the Buffalo will be able to preserve themselves from the external chaos and make wise choices when it comes to the proposals that are made to them.

Tiger 🐯 

Tigers are born under the sign of courage. They are adventurous and have a lively, creative and enthusiastic nature. Being in their own feline energy is an amplifier of ambition, especially since the Year of the Ox may have been particularly burdensome to them in its slowness. This year is rich in projects, synchronicities and happy endings and will be placed under the sign of Luck for all natives. Enjoy the ride! 

Cat 🐈 (corresponds to 🐰) Calm and pleasant, they express themselves with ease and have a strong emotional intelligence allowing them to read people and situations. In the Year of the Tiger, their sharp intuition will allow them to sense and seize great opportunities. This year is placed under the sign of building and starting projects that can be realized the following year placed in the sign of the Cat. 

Dragon 🐉 

Flamboyant, colorful, mesmerizing, the Dragon is a spectacle, there to be noticed, to excite and to inject energy into proceedings. Born under the sign of luck, Dragons appreciate the dynamism of the Tiger, which stimulates them and opens many doors. This year is all about fun and success!

Snake 🐍 

The Snake has a powerful intuition and great strength of character. Born under the sign of Wisdom, Snakes are thinkers. They love to plan, work through possibilities and choose the path that works best for them… and don’t always appreciate the “pushy” showiness of the Tiger! Nevertheless, their strong creativity will be encouraged in this year and close relationships will strengthen.  

Horse 🐎

Lovers of freedom, independence and competition, Hairs are stimulated by the energy of the Tiger, which gives them the impetus and challenges they need to excel. The year of the Tiger is a time for action and risk-taking and for aiming higher and harder. “Fortune favors the bold” will be your niche!

Goat 🐐

Goats have good relationships, an excellent sense of humor, are empathetic, listen and participate. They like to be surrounded and reassured and will take advantage of their ability to socialize and network to seize great professional opportunities and enrich their private circle with new encounters. 

Monkey 🐒

Lively, curious, intelligent and fascinating, they have a sense of fun and playfulness and have a multitude of talents to offer. Born under the sign of fantasy, monkeys possess a creative and inventive mind. They are resourceful, observant and quick-witted, and will be quick to seize the opportunities that the Year of the Tiger offers. However, they will need to be careful to surround themselves with good advice so as not to let their impulsiveness make hasty decisions.

Rooster 🐓 

The Rooster is associated with five virtues: authority, military, courage, benevolence and reliability. Born under the sign of candor, the Rooster is a direct person who likes to be seen and says what he thinks. The speed of the Tiger can stimulate the bold Rooster as well as intimidate him. To take advantage of the energies of change brought by the Tiger, the Rooster will benefit from his circle of friends and strengthening ties with his loved ones. 

Dog 🐶 

Loyal, faithful, trustworthy, selfless and deeply altruistic, Dogs are often willing to put others or causes before themselves and cannot stand injustice, which they denounce with fervor. They share this value of loyalty with the Tiger, which will be rewarded throughout the year with happy endings, fortunate situations, and a strengthening of ties with loved ones.  


Pig 🐷 


Being born under the sign of the Pig is both an honor and a chance, as the Pig is the only sign getting along well with all other animals, they enjoy positive energies every year. Pigs are born under the sign of honesty, good fortune and fun. They work hard but also play hard and lead a full life of pleasure and enjoyment. Epicurean, the Pig can sometimes let his fascination for the Tiger make him miss some opportunities, which he will try to seize the following year which will be particularly favorable to him! 


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