Weight loss and hypnosis

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Have you noticed that only humans and domesticated animals are able to stay overweight? All other animal species that have instincts are self-regulating, put on weight to have reserves for the winter and then lose weight effortlessly once spring comes.

Why do humans struggle ? The explanation is essentially related to stress.

The state of permanent stress triggers the sympathetic nervous system which generates the “fight or flight”.

To calm this nervous system, which exhausts your physical and mental resources (and therefore directly threatens your health and ultimately your survival), the opposite nervous system, the parasympathetic one, must be activated.

The parasympathetic system is active when you eat, when you are relaxed, when you have an orgasm… because all these activities secrete endorphins, the happiness hormone.

It is a physiological way to make you do what is good for you (feeding, resting) and what is good for the whole species (reproduction).

Food being omnipresent, celebrated in all cultures and made ever more appetizing by sensorial marketing, eating has become a reflex, a social act and/or a comfort more than a real need.

The practice of a sport activity allows you to compensate for this excess of calories in your daily life but if you have a high level of stress in your life, your body will tend to make reserves.

Especially if you regularly deprive it of the food it really needs.

\ – How does hypnosis help with weight loss? – /

⏩ Hypnosis does not propose a diet. It is a reactivation of your own self-regulation system.

⏩ In the context of compulsive behavior, the establishment of an anchor and the learning of self-hypnosis allow you to regulate your compulsions alone by a simple gesture.

⏩ If necessary, identifying the cause of your body’s deregulation during the session allows the wound to heal and restart the osmosis, which is inherent to your body.


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