“I’ve gifted myself this session for Christmas”

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

When she told me that, I knew she was ready and that she would get everything she expected from this session and much more.

This young woman came for multiple phobias that have accumulated and worsened over the years. 

This is what happens with phobias, when left untreated, the subconscious mind sees them as good and useful for our survival and will therefore reinforce them. 

They will grow in our mind to the point where they can be downright obsessive. 

And to make matters worse, when this region of fear in our brain is activated, other fears come and develop in turn, making life clearly unbearable for us.

Hypnosis is an incredibly effective method to soothe this area of fear and “reset” the circuit where the mind distinguishes between real and imagined fear. 

The results are immediate and lasting, often very impressive for the client himself, amazed by the change before/after in a single session. 

The only condition for this success? Being ready. 

So when she told me that this session was her own Christmas present, I was moved by the preciousness of her words and I knew that she had the strength and courage to face her fears and fully free herself from them… which she did brilliantly! 

I wish you All a very Merry Christmas filled with beautiful gifts that you are giving to yourselves

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