So does hypnosis really work on everybody?

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

Anyone capable of reasoning and with a IQ above a certain threshold (if you are reading this text, congratulations, you passed the threshold! 🥳) can be hypnotized, if and only if they wish so.

The hypnotic state cannot be forced by a third party. Many researches show that you never enter the hypnotic state through a third party but always by yourself. Every hypnosis is in fact, a self-hypnosis.

The therapist’s suggestions, if you accept to follow them, allow you to enter yourself in this hypnotic state.

Your body knows this state well. When you watch an exciting movie, when you read a captivating novel, when you listen to music that transports you to another world…

The state of hypnosis is similar to that sensory experience of calming thoughts and total connection to the present moment.

It is a very pleasant state because it allows you to redirect the incessant flow of thoughts to focus only on things that are good for you. You regain control over your thoughts and therefore over your life.

And while your mind gets clearer, your body takes advantage of this moment of calm to regenerate itself physiologically.

This calming of the nervous system, which we also experience through meditation, yoga… allows your entire immune system to strengthen itself.

We will see in a future post, that this winning combination is the basis of hypnosis in the medical world.

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