The magic of Anchoring ⚓️

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, which means that the results are immediate from the first session, especially for questions of phobias, fears, anxiety, stress… where the nervous system is mainly in charge.

Hypnotherapy can also be a medium to long term support to accompany a life transition, such as during the preparation for childbirth or to reactivate all one’s deep resources when starting a new chapter in life. 

In all cases, the goal of the sessions is to activate all of the person’s resources so that he or she can then feel confident and powerful and regain this state of serenity on their own whenever they need it.

One of the most powerful tools in hypnotherapy is the anchor. An anchor is a sign that allows instant access to the state of well-being that one feels in hypnosis. 

I love to offer anchors to my patients because it allows them to continue to practice self-hypnosis and activate their resources on their own. 

✨ – How does anchoring work? – ✨

➡️ The person being hypnotized determines his or her sign before the session (e.g. clenching the fist to activate the resources of confidence, putting the thumb and index finger together to disconnect from the pain…)

➡️ Anchoring is done in a state of deep hypnosis where well-being is absolute. The person performs the sign to anchor this state of well-being in the subconscious mind, so that the subconscious mind can associate this well-being with this particular hand position. 

➡️ The sign is then tested when the person re-emerges into the here and now

➡️ The more the person uses this sign, the stronger the anchoring will be. To reinforce the anchoring, especially in pain management in preparation for a natural childbirth, a personalized recording accompanies the anchoring so that the person can put him/herself in a state of self-hypnosis and reactivate his/her anchoring.

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