Immune system

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

It’s been more than a year that we all hear about the importance of a strong immune system to resist to any virus and disease.

What‘s the link with hypnosis at all ?

In the Mind map model of Gerald Klein, founder of the OMNI hypnosis method used to disconnect the pain during medical intervention, the immune system is directly linked with the unconscious.

The unconscious not only carries your daily stress but also all the traumatic events of your life that haven’t been fully processed in your conscious mind.

The more history you blindly carry, the more your immune system is weakened because your brain and your body is spending energy to cope with all the back up stress.

While hypnosis doesn’t replace a therapeutical work, it is a great complimentary help to reveal and heal the the deepest layers of stress stored in your unconscious.

The beauty of hypnosis healing is that it all happens in a relaxing and blissful state, allowing a peaceful and powerful relief.

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