I’m taking off

Marie-Anne Oswald - Maho Hypnose

– I’m taking off now

– To work ? 

– Yes. But I mean I’m really going to take off 🙂

– Ah, because you’re a pilot and you fly people away ?

– Oh no, they are always in the driving seat. I’m just the copilot. 

I’m giving suggestions that they can follow or not. 

I just make sure the sky is clear and the engine is running properly. 

I’m guiding them to land on the place they want to explore. Past, future, transformative space.  

I invite them to explore further away to find their inner resources, their deepest wisdom. 

And I make sure they keep these gifts with them as they’re landing. 

A conversation I had this morning with a friend about my work as a hypnotherapist. Remember: you are ALWAYS in the driving seat. 

The hypnotherapist is a copilot that can help you reach your destination but suggesting a new itinerary and making sure you land there safely.

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